Do it yourself or externalize?

Should you have one project or a portfolio of projects, innoloop is accessible :

As a SAAS platform
for your team

Keep control of your

Reveal the value of your
project before unveiling it

Manage easily your
project portfolio

As an outsourced service

Benefit form the full power
of our SAAS platform with
the support of skilled
experts in science and
innovation to design top
class projects

Large companies
More money. Smarter project. Less time and costs.
Motivated staff.
Benefit from unique business Intelligence on the European R&I ecosystem
Provide your R&I team the 21st century tools to reach their objectives without stress.
Compensate lower Overheads reimbursement to boost your productivity or develop your team
SMEs and Startups
Raise money by better valuing your innovation to convince funders through our partner consultants!
Consulting firms
Boost your business and profitability with the Innoloop platform.
Engage proactively with potential customers with a lower Customer Acquisition Cost
Innovation agencies and networks
Help your members detect the best funding opportunities and partners.
Boost the innovation of your ecosystem