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  • Detect the best topics for your project

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  • Assess the chances of success of your project before developing it

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  • Design a truly innovative and coherent project to make a difference during the evaluation

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A unique blend of human expertise and artificial intelligence for the success of your European R&I project

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Benefit from the experience of our experts in EU projects backed by a powerful Artificial Intelligence


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Our services are for individuals and SMEs with only one single project and for Large organizations managing several projects per year

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Why The Innovation Loop?

To align Science and Technology with Market and Society through innovative solutions



"What is the benefit for the Society?","What risk?","How to tackle societal challenges?"



"Which impact on the market?", "What business model?"



"Development of a brand new technology?", "Integration of existing technologies ?"



"Is your project scientifically breakthrough?", a key factor of success but not always sufficient...

Solution : to which extent your solution is really innovative? What does « Innovation » really mean on EU level?

Our Ambition

We consider that any good project should benefit from the necessary funding for its development

whatever the financing capacity of its initiator 

Our values

A stong belief in 3 essential values :

  •   We are truly passionate about research and innovation
  •   We feel happy in unknown environment and are ready to support our clients in their innovation path
  •   We encourage our employees to fully develop their creativity by leaving them the maximum freedom and responsibility

Our technologies

Our platform is backed by:

  •   A cutting edge knowledge in semantic artificial intelligence
  •   An efficiency driven platform to unleash your innovation potential and maximise the success rate
  •   A human co-pilot throughout the process


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